It only took me like 18 months, but I finally had (most of) my stereo equipment shipped from the Ancestral Homelands of Pennsyltucky! Even more amazingly, I now own a TV. I’ve had the TV for a week or two now, and have still found myself sitting on my couch watching Netflix on my laptop and then realizing there’s a TV literally directly in my field of view that I could be using instead.


The entertainment center stuff is all Besta, from IKEA. I worked hard constructing this, mostly by luring my friend Fernando to IKEA and then my apartment with promises of marijuana. He handled the actual construction.

You’ll note in the photo to the left you’re looking at a keyboard, iPad and might be able to catch glimpses of a shell. That’s because // JSwag had the Raspberry Pi set up with a static IP address back in the day, and then changed his subnetting entirely, not to mention the part where he wiped the laptop that had the SSH private key, and while he probably has a backup of it somewhere, that seemed way more complicated than just plugging the damned thing in to the TV for a half an hour. Also, it turns out it takes a long ass time (read: definitely more than a half hour) to do a dist-upgrade on a Raspberry Pi. Who knew?

Tech Specs

  • Amp: Nikko NA-890, shamelessly stolen from my father
  • Speakers: Bowers & Wilkins CM1
  • TV: LG UYGUYFBDG7877962860*
  • Raspberry Pi 2 B (I’ve had this for a while), running Shairport.

Resulting Damage 

I sacrificed the cable for my headphones to the vacuum cleaner. Now the left audio is dead and it’s like $30 to replace it, because Audio Technica proprietary nonsense. I’m thinking it’s just time to get a DAC or amp for my desk anyway. I am pretty fond of the idea of plugging another thing in to the back of my monitor and having the Magical One Thunderbolt Cable Life®™ Apple promised me.


*I made up the model number. You probably believed me anyway.